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Hoshino Coffee is Japanese Cafe committed to inspire life with its unique food creations and exceptional quality coffee.
Hoshino Value Meal

There’s nothing like a satisfying meal with Hoshino’s Value Meal!

These exclusive sets feature our signature Hoshino Spaghetti & everyone’s favourite baked cheese curry rice with chicken, all for an incredible value.

Hoshino's Foodcrafts

Let us showcase what we can do with our new ingredients on the menu. Enjoy the rich goodness in every bite!


Don’t wait, curiosity kills they said.

Value Combo Set

Starter? Snacks? Desserts or more drinks? Create your own customized meal every day of the week.


Endless combinations created just the way you like it.

Quick Bites

Fancy something simple, light but still delicious?

Try out some of our new creation today at Hoshino Coffee!

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