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Our History...


Hoshino Coffee was founded in 2011, solidly based on Japan's renowned restaurant chain management, Nippon Restaurant System and the largest coffee chain, Doutor Coffee. Hoshino Coffee is committed to inspire life with its unique food creations and exceptional quality coffee.

Famed for its distinct quality, Hoshino Coffee only serves roasted Arabica coffee beans, carefully selected by its very own coffee blend specialist, Master Kanno, hand-dripped to a perfect cuppa. Paired with an array of specialty pasta, rice, platters and desserts, Hoshino Coffee is set to serve a dining experience that ignites all senses.

Its success in touching hearts (and appetites) is seen in its growth out of Japan to Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Indonesia.

Hand-Drip Coffee


In Hoshino Coffee, we use only premium Arabica roasted coffee beans selected by our very own coffee blend specialist Master Kanno. With pride and devotion, we serve this specialty coffee to you "Hand-Dripped".

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